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     Air Conditioning


IMS is an authorized dealer of ACSON International, a leading name in Providing highest quality of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning solution for residences, Offices, Commercial Buildings, Banks, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Centers, Food Industries & Hi-Tech Industries or wherever conditioning of the air is re-quired in Pakistan

Our mission is to lead with quality, Commitment and after sales services ensuring comfort and peace of mind everywhere. Our products are energy efficient, Environment friendly, and reliable. Our commitment is to cater the customer’s diverse needs with satisfaction and also to bring innovative solutions for our customer’s health, comfort and luxury at affordable price

Our Company is authorized by Acson International to market their products Nation Wide. Some of the world renowned Brands are being marketed and distributed by MIA corporation are as follows:

  • 1- Acson International: Malaysia (Unitary products)
  • 2- Mc Quay International: Malaysia (Applied products)
  • 3- Marley Asia pacific: Malaysia (cooling Tower)
  • 4- Carel: Italy (Humidifiers)

We are completely capable of delivering a vast range of Air Conditioners for all types of building with After-sales Services Such as:

  • 1- Wall mounted Air Conditioners
  • 2- Ceiling Convertible Split system Air Conditioners
  • 3- Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners
  • 4- Floor Standing Air Conditioners
  • 5- Duct Air Conditioners
  • 6- Inverter Air Conditioners

Note: Technical Specification, Brochures and prices will be furnished upon request.

One year Installation warranty is provided if installations of Air Conditioners are done by the Original equipment manufacturer (Acson International)

Acson Provides you with 1 year warranty for spare parts and 3 yaer for compressor respectively.

Features provided by Company Installation:

  1. * Original gas filling with 1 year Guarantee of refilling & leakage if any issue occur.

* If any other issue arise due to wrongful installation company would be liable to repair the damages