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Bio-Metric Access Control, Personal safety Equipment, Road Blockers & Barriers


Bio-Metric Access Control

Biometric access provides immediate proof which enables you to control access of people into your premises while keeping a record of entry/exit time and attendance. Authorized people can gain access the premises only by punching thumb impression which automatically opens the lock of the door. (Technical Specification/Options are available on request).

Personal Safety Equipment

We can provide you every kind, size and color of warning signs. Apart from this we can provide safety gloves, helmets, goggles and ear protection gear.

Concrete Road Blocks

Concrete Road Block is a cost effective security solution to control the speed or block/divert the traffic in sensitive places. The design and weight of the concrete road block ensures to block any incoming traffic into your premises.  Razor Wire can be installed over the block to ensure pedestrians from a forced entry into your premises. It can be moved from one place to another easily using a forklift.

Road Blocker (Hydraulic)

Hydraulic Road Blockers is a secure and convenient method of controlling access of vehicles into your premises. The inner post is simply raised by hydraulic arms vertically and locks in 45 degree upright position.  It is operated from a safe distance with a touch of a button ensuring security of your premises. 
(Technical specifications/options are available on request).

Road Barrier (Automatic/Manual)

Road Barriers is yet another way to control the flow of incoming/outgoing vehicles into the premises. It can be operated by two different mechanisms. It can be operated manually or by hydraulic arm.  
(Technical Specifications/Options available on request)